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Thee Days’ Quote-Day 2


Shakespeare will never be forgotten. So many quotes are still in use although I guess his works are difficult to read today. I had a lot of work reading Hamlet at school many years ago. Clive gave me the challenge yesterday to find quotes so today’s choice is Shakespeare. Luckily “Quote art Pictures” can be found at the internet. A […]

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The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen 

From La Sylphide 2011 at the Danish Royal Ballet photo from the brochure

It’s the World’s Live Ballet Day and our royal ballet sent a “live” scene from the “Giselle” production. The ballet master Nicolaj Hübbe instructed two male solo dancers in their part in one of the acts. The studio is small and is the place where many famous ballets were created under the roof of the theatre.   When my parents […]

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Dislikes & Likes  


  The Dislikes To see a pregnant and smoking woman in a pedestrian street in my home town Beautiful baroque opera music with singers wearing vulgar costumes “The Fairy Queen” by Henry Purcell People talking loud in their phones on any subject while you hear the counterpart in a bad loud-speaker When at our hotel breakfast room other guests insist […]

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Reunion in Copenhagen

Today I met some of my classmates from our “Gymnasium” time. We graduated 46 years ago. A few came to our gathering for the first time and memories from the time as 16-19 years old comes up to the surface. I found it so emotional that I left a bit early to enjoy the buildings and streets of the Copenhagen I still love. Twice I heard church bells ringing.

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