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Reunion in Copenhagen

Today I met some of my classmates from our “Gymnasium” time. We graduated 46 years ago. A few came to our gathering for the first time and memories from the time as 16-19 years old comes up to the surface. I found it so emotional that I left a bit early to enjoy the buildings and streets of the Copenhagen I still love. Twice I heard church bells ringing.

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Created in His Image

Triathlete, Simon Whitfield, Flag Bearer, Canada, 2012 Olympics

  You’ve heard it and so have I, “If God is God, why is there so much ________ in the world?” You’ve also likely heard one of the common responses… “Because of man’s choice.”, “Because man is sinful.”  or “Because of sin in the world.” There are a number of similar responses, and neither are necessarily wrong, but I read something […]

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15 years ago


Let social media inspire you   I was at a parking lot in my home town Herning in Denmark. Time with us was five p.m and I sat in my car just wanting to hear the news. That was when the Western world shook and the terror attacks on the World Trade Center happened. The reporters voice […]

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Instagram Quote

An old fashioned English rose from my garden

When we are kind to ourselves we can do a better job taking care of others. #mayitbeofbenefit @waylonlewis @elephantjournal #selflove #loveyourself @thespreadsunshinegang A photo posted by Waylon Lewis & Friends (@walkthetalkshow) on May 9, 2016 at 7:38pm PDT

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The Unseen Playmate

Writer's House in Edinburgh

Today I happened to read a  children’s poem by the famous Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson. (1850-94). He lived in Edinburgh and you “can meet him” at the Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh  where some of his belongings are shown. His Treasure Island was performed at my oldest boy’s school back in 1986 by pupils from six years’ old to twelve […]

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Old English Prams


Twice I have been at the Royal Library in Copenhagen to scan the old catalogs from different Danish pram firms from the last century. It’s been so interesting to see the many firms competing on making the most beautiful models. I am sure that those who did the original ones must have been frustrated many times as their models were […]

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