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Old English Prams


Twice I have been at the Royal Library in Copenhagen to scan the old catalogs from different Danish pram firms from the last century. It’s been so interesting to see the many firms competing on making the most beautiful models. I am sure that those who did the original ones must have been frustrated many times as their models were […]

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Being Together

Photo Pixabay

I found a beautiful short video with a father singing to his two months old daughter. It is clear to see that they are both deeply involved in their being together.   The father comes so near that she can see him clearly and then he sings in such a loving tone the words from his heart. The little girl […]

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Hidden Gems in Edinburgh

At the Scottish Parliament

For a long time I have wished to go to Edinburgh and then we did this summer. As so often I don’t prepare too well in advance, but I knew that there would be a lot of old medieval buildings and narrow streets. Waiting for our plane at the Copenhagen airport a young man with kilt came form the arriving […]

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A meeting with a Afghani family

An example of my work

#WeekendCoffeeShare If we were having coffee I would like to show you one of our good cafés in my home town Herning in Jutland Denmark. I would tell you following story:   Today as I walked in my city Herning on my way to my car I suddenly saw a mother and her teenage daughter. They were very familiar to me […]

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